Commitment to quality has been a maxim of the college since its very inception. In 2003, the college was conferred with ‘B’ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore. In the year 2017, accreditation of the college was done by three- membered NAAC peer team comprising of  Dr. J K Mahapatra, Dr. Aveenash Tiwari and Dr. V. Sujatha and the grade was upgraded to ‘B+’.

In 2019-20, it was indeed a matter of great pride when college was awarded A+ grade in Performance Rating  Academic Audit Standards (PRaYAAS), a framework developed by Department of Higher Education, Haryana for  improvement of quality in higher education institutions in the state.

In pursuance of the National Action Plan of the NAAC, for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of institutions of higher education, the NAAC proposed to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure. With a vision to build and ensure a quality culture aimed at all round excellence at the institutional level, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in the college in 2003. Now, it has a diverse composition with Principal as the Chairperson, a Coordinator, teacher representatives from all faculties, representatives from the Department of Higher Education, non-teaching staff, alumni, civil society, industry and students. 

Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC has become an integral part of the  institution's system and works towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of institutions and is making a significant and meaningful contribution in the post-accreditation phase. During the post-accreditation period, the IQAC is channelizing the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence with focus on the creation of an institution-wide synergy imbibing the constituent efforts and feedback of the stakeholders viz. the teaching and non-teaching staff, the students, alumni, parents and others to generate quality sustenance and enhancement on all major aspects  envisaged by NAAC.

Besides, preparing and submitting  the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the College based on the quality parameters/assessment criteria developed by the relevant quality assurance body (like NAAC, NIRF) in the prescribed format, IQAC organises meetings, from time to time, to address various issues relating to quality enhancement of the college with its core committee and stakeholders.


 IQAC  has integrated various functional units required for efficient and effective functioning of the College viz. faculty from all courses, NCC, NSS, Women Cell, Red Ribbon Club, Administration, Accounts and Library. Each of these units contributes to the holistic development of the institution and the students. The IQAC coordinates these units into a common direction oriented towards the qualitative development of academic and administrative standards in the college. As a facilitative and participative voluntary organ of the institution, not only does it combine the synergies of each of the interlinked constituents in the process of planning, development, assurance and monitoring of quality in the College but also works out interventionist strategies to remove deficiencies and enhance quality in the institution. IQAC has co-ordinated a number of activities in the college including documentation and digitizing of college data, feedback system, academic and administrative auditing, creation of e-mail IDs for faculty in the college domain etc. IQAC chalks out plans and programmes in order to manoeuvre the entire institutional activities (various co-curricular and extension activities with active role of NCC and NSS) to reach out to community at large. These activities cover almost all areas, like environment, nutrition and health, gender and other socially useful endeavours related programmes , including adoption and dissemination of good practices like making campus no-smoking no plastic zone.

Acting as a nodal agency of the College for coordinating quality-related activities, IQAC, from time to time organises Faculty Development Programmes for dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education and organization of inter  institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles. Training programmes are conducted annually, both for teaching and administrative staff. Several training and other sessions on different topics like API, Mentoring, New teaching techniques and tools like MOOC, Stress Management etc. were given to the teaching staff. Efficiency enhancement programmes and time management sessions were provided to the administrative staff.

The IQAC also systematically evaluates the quality, at the academic, administrative, infrastructural, financial levels, of various departments of the institution; and ensures credibility of assessment procedures, the adequacy of support structures such as library, extension activities etc. ultimately leading to remedial measures and improvements.

IQAC also intends to preserve its distinctiveness by initiating programmes to empower girl students in every aspects of life. In 2019, IQAC  along with department of Home Science, organized AARNA-  an initiative to inculcate 'entrepreneurial culture' among students with special focus on girls, aiming  at equipping the youth with skills to act as "job creators instead of being job seekers" in future. This initiative was taken to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent, promote innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and develop awareness among its members of the attitudes, values, and skills of successful entrepreneurs around the globe. Under AARNA, exhibition cum sale was also organised to provide the young budding entrepreneurs to show-case their talents and sell their products. Various training programmes and workshops, in this series, are also organised by Women Studies and Development Cell and Entrepreneurial Development Cells.

As a part of its future plans, IQAC will develop and apply quality benchmarks/parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the College; and also to coordinate and improve internal communication to facilitate greater policy implementation and quality assurance towards its stakeholders. Its main focus will be on facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment, conducive for quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process. It also intends to make sincere efforts to inculcate a research culture in faculty and students under the auspices of the Research Promotion Council.

The IQAC also aims at creation of a participatory environment by strengthening various feedback mechanisms targeting students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes. Keeping the idea of service quality at its core, IQAC facilitates internalization and institutionalization of quality enhancement initiatives, coordination and participation in all the constituents of the institution with enhanced communication with its stakeholders. IQAC also intends to engage student representatives in its constitution to facilitate direct inclusion of the student community in the broad policy framework of the College.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college was formed with the vision to channelize the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence and progress. Envisioned as an embedded function of the College, the IQAC will continue to harness its endeavour of creation, sustenance and enhancement of quality in the College in the coming years too.



Ms. Vandita Sharma


Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Dated 30.02.2017 & 31.08.2017


Agenda of Meeting: - Reconstitution of IQAC meeting

Minutes: - In view of visit of NAAC, peer group in the college on 23th & 24th September 2017  ,IQAC committee was reconstituted with Mrs Vandita Sharma, Associate Professor , Department Of Home Science as Coordinator. A meeting was held on 30th August 2017 & 31st August 2017 in which Department wise Teaching Staff was instructed to Organise & prepare for Presentation in front of peer group. The records were to be made available in each department Regarding  :-

1.       Departmental Profile

2.       Individual Profile

3.       Internal Assessment Record

4.       Result Records

5.       Curricular & Co – Curricular Activity Records Of The Department.







Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal




Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell



Dated: - 06-09-2017


Agenda: - Work Progress of The activities


Minutes: - A Meeting Of IQAC was held on 06th-09-2017 to review about the Work Progress Of The duties assigned to various Department & Committees in the previous meetings.  





Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal













Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


                                                                                                                                                 Dated: - 17-04-2018

AGENDA :- To Discuss The Visit Of NAAC Peer Group

Minutes:- A meeting of IQAC was held on 17-04-2018 regarding the visit of NAAC peer group. The following short – coming were highlighted:-

1.       Continuing with Conventional teaching , learning process by most teachers.

2.       Average Co & Extra Curricular Achievement.

3.       Inadequate student support infrastructure.

4.       Collaboration with Institutes and Industry is absent.

5.       Absence of Career Utility Programs.

The Agenda of the meeting was to prepare action plan for 2018-19

1.       ICT Thrust and Innovation in teaching and learning need to be expanded.

2.       Entreprenurial Development Cell can be established.

3.       To obtain Research Grants

4.       To host National Level Seminar/ Workshops/ Training Programs. In regular intervals and encourage faculty to attend Conferences.

5.       Serious Attention may be given to faculty development activities, particularly in latest Pedagogyand e-wntent preparation .

6.       Expansion and angmentation of Infrastructive with emphasis on upgrading classrooms and having more smart classrooms.

7.       Strengthening of library resources

8.       Systematic and effective student uniselling / mentoring to meet national / global / competition

9.       Environment friendly action need to be practiced on campus

10.   The collage may develop a prespective plan for future development for the next 10 years

11.   To strengthen relation with stake holders particularly with Alumni

12.   Physical facilities and infrastructive need to be differently abled friendly. 




Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal



Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Dated: -03.11.2018

AGENDA :- AQAR 2016-17 &2017-18

MINUTES:- A meeting of IQAC/ NAAC was held on 03-11-2018 among the IQAC member chaired by Mrs. Vandita Sharma, co- ordinator, IQAC.

Agenda of the meeting was :-

1)      AQAR 2016-17 & 2017-18

2)      Any other with the permission of chair

The following points were discussed:-

1)      Minutes of last meeting held on 17-04-2018 was read and approved by the committee

2)      Data pertaining is AQAR 2016-17 and 2017-18 was discussed and Dr. Rajiv, convenor, data maintenances  cell  (IQAC) informed the house that most of data regarding collage has  been collected computerized.

3)      Criteria – wise distribution was done among committee members and were provided previous AQAR to study and collect data regarding academic year in question which be provided by data maintenance cell and office of the collage

Criteria- wise distribution of AQAR

1)      Mr Jaspal Toor - Section A

-    Section B – criteria I

              -  Criteria  II

2)      Dr. Ragini – section B – criteria III

3)      Ms Neetu Choudhary – criteria IV

4)      Ms Pooja Singhal – criteria V

5)      Dr Indu – criteria –VI

6)      Ms Puneet – criteria – VII

7)      Evaluative report of various department of the collage would  be done by Ms Swati and Ms Seema Sharma


8)      Dr Sonali, Ms Shabnam would assist the chair


9)      Agenda of the meeting would be feedback from the stake holder, students, parents  & alumni


10)   The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.

 Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal

Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell



Date:  03-12-2018


AGENDA:-Regarding 2nd Quarterly meeting of IQAC.

Minutes:- A meeting of of IQAC was held on 03-12-2018 to review the previous meeting recommendation by NAAC. In this meeting following things were discussed regarding second quarterly meeting of IQAC to be held on 01-01-2018.

1)      Date of 2nd quarterly meeting of IQAC

2)      Agenda  of meeting was discussed.

3)      Duties for various were allocated among IQAC members

4)      Review of the preparation of AQAR 2016-17 and 2017-18







Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal









Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Dated :-29-04-2018



AGENDA :- Starting of new Job oriented courses from Session 2019-20


Minutes :- Minutes :- A meeting of IQAC with committee members was held on 29-04-2018 at 2:15pm in principal’s office.

The following departments were requested to initiate the process of grant of new courses for session 2019-20

1.       Diploma in fashion designing                           

2.       MSC. Geography

3.       PGDCA

4.       BA with computer science

5.        PG Diploma in Graphics & animation

6.        PG Diploma in export MGT

7.       BBA

8.       B.COM  Honours







Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal





Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Dated :- 30-08-2019


Agenda :-


Minutes :- A meeting of IQAC with HEAD of the department of the subjects having PG program was held on 30-08-2019 at 2:PM in PRINCIPAL”s office with PRINCIPAL MRS. KUSUM ADYA on chair. The following members were present :-


1)      Mrs Vandita Sharma  , co-oridinator IQAC

2)      Dr. Virender Atwal , HOD , Department of commerce

3)      Mrs. Neelam , HOD of Hindi

4)      Dr. Ragini  , Member IQAC

5)      MS. Puneet  , Member IQAC


                                Agenda of meeting :-

1)      To strength training & placement of PG students.

2)      To inculate research temperament among PG students.

3)      Use of ICT for PG students.

The following decisions were taken –

1.       A research cell in the respective department with PG classes will be established.

2.       A training & placement officer will be appointed.

3.       Various training courses for personality Development like Communication skills,Grooming,Presentation skills,Interviewing Skillswill be organisd for the students.

4.       Use of ICT ,Smart boards by students & faculty will be encouraged.




Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal


Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell



Dated :- 03-09-2019


A meeting of IQAC  & members of rotary club , Kalka was held on 30-09-2019 at 12:PM in Principal office.

             The members of Rotary club , Kalka Rtn. Tajinder chawla, President & rtn. Daljit Rai Mehta , cashier under the chairmanship of the Principal , Mrs. Kusum Adya discussed the pointwise agenda.



Agenda :-

1)      Strengthening of mutual relationship between collage & Rotary club , Kalka.

2)      Establishment of rotary club in the collage.

3)      Establishment of Saving Center in the collage

Minutes :-

1)      A MOV will be signed between the collage & the Rotary club Kalka

2)      A rotary club will be established in the collage in collaboration with NSS unit of the collage & department of Home Science







Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal



Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Date:- 03-09-2019

Agenda :

1.Strengthening of placement cell & enterprenural development cell.

2.Data Maintenance for NAAC


Minutes :- :- A meeting of IQAC & convenoss of placement cell & Enterpreneural cell was held on      03-09-2019 at 2:15 PM in Principal office

1)      Emphasis on pre-placementtraining & enterprenural training of final year student across all subjects

2)      Emphasis of increasing placements during job fairs

3)      100% Registration of final year students across all subjects in DE office

4)      Maintenance of data – copy of offer letters ,  list of students getting placement range of pay pacakage etc

5)      Emphasis of stat-ups , motivating students to get registered with EDC



1.       Dr. Manisha Khanna – convener – placement cell

2.       Suresh Kumar – co-oridinator-EDC





Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal






Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Date :- 05-09-2019


A meeting of IQAC was held with the members of council is discuss the criteria wise action plan for 2019-20 to be submit to o/o Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula under the chainmanship of Principal Mrs. Kusum Adya.


Agenda :- To decide criteria wise action plan of the collage ot be sent to DC office.


Minutes :-  The meeting was started with informing the members of council & other invitees regarding various criteria & action plan according to each criteria as demanded by DC office and to be sent to Ms. Naini chauhan, Chief Minister’s good Governance Associate. Various members & convenors of various committees proposed following action plan :-


1.       Curricular Aspect                                                            Starting New Academic Programs


2.       Teaching learning & Evaluation                                    Demand for administrative &                       

                                                                                                                   technical staff

3.       Research consultancy & extension                  Policy regarding leave for doing  Course               

                                                                                 work for PHD


4.       Infrastructure & learning                            - Building Renovation & Repair of toilets in Arts

              resources                                                           Block.

                                                     - New toilets for transgender

                                                     - New toilets for Physically Challenged students

                                                     - Repair of Canteen  

                                                     - Renovation of residential quarters for class 3RD

                                                         & 5TH  employees

                                               - Road from canteen to residential quarters &


                                               - Sound proofing & renovation of auditorium  

               Water supply        - Adequate water supply in campus

                                               - Tubewell in collage campus

                                         - Water tanks

                                         - Rain harvesters

                 Electricity      - Extension electricity load 44.8KWH to 50KWH                            

                                         -Change of electricity feeder from rural to urban

                                         - solar power plant

                                         - Genset with 25KV

             Language Lab    -  Demand for computer instructor

                                         -Increasing Registration of students.

                   Creche        - opening of  creche



5.       Student support & progression          Transportation facility for smooth transportation of                                          

                                                                                  Girl  students .

                                                                                 Three routes were Identified

1)      Nawan nagar to Kalka

2)      Mallah to Kalka

Morni to Kalka via chandimandir


6.       Governance , leadership & Management         Issue regarding online Admissions


7.       Innovation & best practices                                  Botanical Garden

                                                                               Solar power plant

                                                                               Rain Harvesters

                                                                                Better transportation facility for civil


                                                                                Skill Development Programs

                                                     -Under placement cell

                                                     - Under EDC

                                                     - one PKV Kendra in collage


The above action plan was sent to Ms. Naini Chauhan via e-mail on 07-09-2019 by





Council members

1.       Sh. Rakesh Goel

2.       Mrs. Meenakshi Singh

3.       Dr. Sarvjeet Kaur

4.       Sh. Sushil Kumar

5.       Sh. Prem Mehta

6.       Dr. Kuldeep Thind

7.       Dr. Gulshan Kumar

8.       Sh. Ram Chand                               special Invitee

9.       Mr. Kashish Jolly                           special Invitee

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1 Tree Plantation Pakhwada; Social Service Community Development Activity July NCC
2 FDP on development of E-content August IQAC CELL
3 Harit Haryana Abhiyan August Environment Awareness Club( SRISHTI)/ Eco Club/ NCC
4 Awareness about Road Safety August Road Safety Activities
5 Independence Day Celebrations August NSS/ NCC
6 Fit India Movement #NewIndiaFitIndia 15.08.2020 to 02.10.2020 NSS/ NCC
7 Online quiz and painting competitions on COVID -19 & HIV/ AIDS August Red Cross Society and Red Ribbon Club
8 Introduction of Yoga and  Stress manamgent Session in Google Classroom August Department of Physical Education & Sports 
9 National Sports Day August Department of Physical Education & Sports 
10 Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Awareness Campaign  1.8.2020 to 15.8.2020 NCC( Boys Wing )
11 Teacher's Day Celebration September Celebrations of Day Committee/ Science Society
12 Essay writing Competition September Public Administration ,History and Political Science/ Punjabi society
13 Lecture Cum Demonstration By Dr.Lokesh Sharma, GCG Gurugram September Cultural Committee and Department of Music
14 Nutrition awareness Month (Plantation Drive/ Paudhe se Potion)/ Webinar on 1000 days September Home Science
15 FDP on Development of  " Revised Framework for Accreditation and assessment by NAAC" September IQAC CELL
16 World Ozone Day-Online slogan Writing Competition September Environment Awareness Club( SRISHTI)/ Eco Club/
17 Formation of society /induction program/office bearer election September Science Society
18  Quiz Competition on Current Economic issues September Economics
19 Lecture by Haryana Police Department on road safety September Road Safety Committee
20 NSS day September NSS
21 Awareness campaign on Gender equity September Gender Equality awareness club(Abhed)
22 Awareness campaign on Frauds on online Shopping/ Banking Transactions September Financial and Cyber Security Awareness  club(TECH WARRIORS)
23 Webinar On " Personal Hygiene for Women" September Red Cross Society and Red Ribbon Club
24 Webinar on How to file ITR September Department of Commerce
25 Inter-department online PPT Competition on Digital Marketing September Department of Commerce
26 Inter-College Logo Formation Competition on Commerce education September Department of Commerce
27 Online activity for M.Com students on How to write a research paper September Department of Commerce
28 Webinar on Job prospects and career opportunities after graduation September Placement cell
29 Webinar on Resume writing September Placement cell
30 Sale of masks made by students of PGDFD September Home Science
31 Webinar on 'Women Rights'  Workshop on Mask making  Video making Images Competition on Stop Crime against Women September Women Studies and Development  Cell
32 Preparation and Practice of College teams for inter college/ Inter Collegiate State tournaments  September Department of Physical Education & Sports 
33 Surgical strike day September NCC
34 Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations October Celebrations of Day Committee
35 Swachchhta Bharat Abhiyan October NCC( Boys Wing )
36 Showcase "Pavitra Papi" Novel  October Punjabi Society
37 Extension Lecture on how to become a "Startup Entrepreneur" October Entrepreneurship Development Club
38 One day Workshop on "Business Idea Development" October Entrepreneurship Development Club
39 Extension Lecture October Psychology Department
40 Webinar on Interviewing skills October Placement cell
41 Road Safety Awareness Programme October NCC( Boys Wing )
42 Webinar On Career opportunities in Commerce and management October Placement cell
43 Webinar On Career opportunities in Hindi October Placement cell
44 Anemia Awareness month October Nutrition and Health Awareness Club
45 Poster making October Public Administration
46 Faculty Development Programme on Innovations in Teaching and Learning  October IQAC CELL
47 Online Quiz  October Science Society
48 Essay Competition October Science Society
49 Celebration of Wild life week on Sustaining all life on earth 2nd to 8th October Eco Club/Zoology Department
50 Speech Competition October History
51 Celebration of UNO day October Political Science
52 Virtual Mehandi Competition on Karwa Chauth October Home Science
53 Skill Development Programme on Baking October Home Science
54 Essay writing Competition October English
55 Movie Viewing based on syllabi October English
56 Organise a lecture with the help of Haryana Police  October Road Safety Committee
57 Celebration of Unity day  October NSS
58 Display Of Slogan/Poster/poem on gender equity issues October Gender Equality awareness club(Abhed)
59 Display Of Slogan/Poster/poem on Do's and don'ts of online transactions October Financial and Cyber Security Awareness  club(TECH WARRIORS)
60 Workshop on disaster management October Red Cross Society and Red Ribbon Club
61 Webinar For Mcom students on career opportunities in Commerce October Department of Commerce
62 Inter departmental Online poster making Competition on Commerce Education October Department of Commerce
63 Inter College online Essay Writing Competition on Impact of Covid 19 on different industries October Department of Commerce
64 Webinar on Practical Aspects of Incorporation on Companies October Department of Commerce
65 Workshop on Best out of waste October Women Studies and Development  Cell
66 Webinar on Women entrepreneurs October Women Studies and Development  Cell
67 Animated Video On women empowerment October Women Studies and Development  Cell
68 Self Defense Training October Department of Physical Education & Sports 
69 Swachta Pakhwada October NCC
70 Webinar on Harmonium ke Vikas Mein Bhurekhani Baj Evam Ustad Bhure Khan Saheb ka Yogdaan by Dr. Dinkar Sharma  October Cultural Committee and Department of Music
71 Webinar on the topic of Women’s Legal Rights October Anti-sexual Harassment Cell and Grievance Cell
72 Webinar on Punjabi- Teaching Problems and Challenges November Punjabi Society
73 Webinar on Violence against Women November Anti-sexual Harassment Cell and Grievance cell
74 Haryana Day Celebration November Celebrations of Day Committee/NCC
75 Webinar on Career Opportunities in English November Placement Cell
76 Webinar on Career Opportunities in Psychology November Placement Cell
77 Reproductive Health Awareness Month November Nutrition and Health Awareness Club
78 Quiz Contest November Psychology Department
79 Intramural tournaments for teaching and non teaching staff in the game of Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis etc. November Department of Physical Education & Sports 
80 Plogging Activity November NCC (Boys Wing)
81 Preparation and Practice of College teams for inter college/ Inter Collegiate State tournaments  November Department of Physical Education & Sports 
82 Webinar November IQAC CELL
83 Green Diwali November Environment Awareness Club( SRISHTI)/Eco Club
84 Webinar by Eminent Person November History
85 Webinar on Job Prospects and Career Opportunities in the Subject of Economics November Department of Economics
86 Virtual Rangoli Competition on Occasion of Diwali November Department Of Home Science
87 Skill Development Programme on Food Preservation (Under Aarna) November Department Of Home Science
88 Literary Quizzes November Department of English
89 One day workshop on "Financial aids or Help available to Young Entrepreneurs" November Entrepreneurship Development Club
90 Role of Young Entrepreneurs in "Atma Nirbhar Bharat" November Entrepreneurship Development Club
91 Inter College Dance / Singing Competition November Cultural Committee and Department of Music
92 Exhibition on presenting Business Idea/ Business model by Student Entrepreneurs. November Entrepreneurship Development Club
93 Awareness on Rules and regulation of traffic and road safety November Road Safety Activities
94 Awareness  on 'Gender Equal India' November Gender Equality awareness club(Abhed)
95 Awareness Programme regarding advisories issued by GOI on Information Technology and Issues involved in Financial transactions November Financial and Cyber Security Awareness  club(TECH WARRIORS)
96 Online Speech Competition November Political Science
97 Webinar on Current Scenario of IFS November Department of Commerce
98 Inter Department Online Quiz competition on Current Marketing Scenario November Department of Commerce
99 Inter College Video Making Competition on 'Commerce Education' November Department of Commerce
100 An activity on Switching Roles through Video Conferencing November Department of Commerce
101 Webinar on 'Women Education' November Women Studies and Development  Cell
102 Extension Lecture on Disaster Management November Disaster Management Committee
103 Workshop on 'Folder Making' November Women Studies and Development  Cell
104 Quiz on Women Related Issues November Women Studies and Development  Cell
105 College Internal Assessment  November -
106 Armed Forces Flag Day December NCC( Boys Wing )
107 Celebration of National Flag Day December NCC (Girls Wing)
108 Poster Making Competition December Psychology Department
109 Quiz January History
110 Celebration of National Voter's Day January Political Science/NCC
111 Republic Day Celebration  January NCC
112 National Youth Day January NSS (Girls Wing)
113 Extension Lecture related to NCC January NCC( Boys Wing )
114 Quiz January Public Administration
115 Extension Lecture on Road Safety January Road Safety Activities
116 An extension Lecture on Sports January Department of Physical Education & Sports 
117 Plastic Se Raksha Swachchta he Surksha Campaign/ Awareness Programme February NCC( Boys Wing )
118 Extension Lecture February Psychology Department
119 Extension Lecture on Disaster Management February Disaster Management Committee
120 Athletic meet February Department of Physical Education & Sports 
121 Punjabi Kavita Mukabla February Punjabi Society
122 Intramural Tournaments in the game of Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Football etc. February Department of Physical Education & Sports 
123 Querry Sessions on traffic rules and road safety February  Road Safety Activities
124 Essay Writing Competition on Current Economics Issues February  Department of Economics
125 Inter Departmental Quiz on Economics in Collaboration with Commerce Department (Related to Curriculum) February  Department of Economics
126 Skill Development Programme March NCC( Boys Wing )
127 Poster Making Competition on the topic Sustainable Development March Department of Economics
128 Women's Day Celebration March NCC( Boys Wing )
129 Water Conservation March Environment Awareness Club( SRISHTI)
130 Earth Day Celebrations April Environment Awareness Club( SRISHTI)

















Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal










Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Date :- 07-09-2019


A meeting of IQAC was held on 07-09-2019 at 12:00 PM in Principal’s office under the chairmanship  of Principal, Smt. Kusum Adya.


 Agenda :-

1.       Discussion on seven criteria & key indicators of Revised Accreditation Frame work of NAAC.

2.       Strengthening Data Maintenance.

3.       To decide tentative dates for

a)      Various IQAC activity                                                    

b)      National level seminar by various faculties/cells

c)       Half yearly meeting of IQAC core committee

d)      AQAR

4.       Pilot Projects for student satisfaction survey (SSS)

                                                 i.            Evaluation of offline survey

                                                ii.            Finding ways a means of introducing SSS online


Minutes :-

Agenda wise discussion was held & the following was decided

1.       Co-oridination informed the house regarding seven criteria & key indicators of revised Accreditation Frame work of NAAC

A Lecture on same topic was proposed to be organised in the collage by co-oridination IQAC.

The committee was also advised to go through the framework available on th NAAC website.


2.       The work of data maintenance was to be taken up by IQAC committee itself for smooth functioning & filling of AQAR.

a)      CV of each faculty member ned to be uploaded on web portal

b)      Web portal should be updated regularly by incharge Dr. Neeru , wb portal.

c)       Each department should create their e-mail ID & use it to communicate with a copy to IQAC & collage e-mail.

d)      All the department should update their data regarding

                                                                      i.            Activities with photographs.

                                                                    ii.            CV of all teaching faculty with photographs & mailed to IQAC.

                                                                   iii.            Planned activity calendar of the department.

                                                                  iv.            Result & interval assessment.

                                                                    v.            E-resources/PowerPoint presentation/Y-tube links relating to respective subject



3.       The tentative dates for various activities of IQAC was decided

                                                 i.            Last Saturday of each month-IQAC activity.

                                                ii.            Half yearly meeting of IQAC core committee – 1st week of November.

                                              iii.            AQAR – November2018-19.


4.       Interested faculties should plan for National Seminar in the month of February 2020.


5.       (a) Committees were formed in the month of July 2019 is conduct student satisfaction survey as pilot projects. Faculty of commerce & science had already done the survey. The survey was pending for faculty of Arts. The chairperson directed to evaluate the data & make recommendations.


(b) The committee (IQAC) requested department of computer science to find ways & means for online feedback from the stakeholders – students ,parents ,alumni ,employees, teachers.



The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by co-ordination for active participation of the members.

1)      Dr. Ravinder

2)      Dr. Ragini

3)      Ms. Anjana

4)      Ms. Swati

5)      Ms. Neetu

6)      Dr. Indu

7)      Ms. Puneet

8)      Ms. Seema Sharma

9)      Mr. Bhoop Singh

10)   Dr. Neeru

11)   Ms. Shabnam

12)   Ms. Sonia Jassal

13)   Dr. Sonali                                               

14)   Ms. Alka




Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal

Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


Date :- 18-11-2019


A meeting of IQAC was held on 18-11-2019 at 1:00PM in Principal office under the chairmanship of Principal, Smt. Kusum Adya.



1.       To nominate administrative officer of IQAC care committee.

2.       To decide date for quarterly meeting of IQAC

3.       To distribute criteria wise duty for data maintenance & AQAR.



Agenda wise discussion was held & the following was decided

1.       Mr. Hemant Verma, deputy director DGHE,was nominated as administrative officer of IQAC committee

2.       Quarterly meeting of IQAC was decided in the last week of November.

3.       Criteria wise duty for data maintenance was decided.








Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal









Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell




                                                                                                                                                                                    Date :-28-11-2019



A     meeting was held on 28-11-2019  at 12:00 PM  in Principal office under the chairmanship of Principal, Smt. Kusum Adya.


AGENDA :- To distribute the duties for the Quarterly meeting to be held on 30-11-2019.

1.       Invitation                                                Dr. Shabnam Arora

                                                                 Dr. Sonali Goel


2.       Stage conduct                                       Mrs. Pooja Singal


3.       Minutes of last meeting                      Mrs. Puneet


4.       Presentation :-


                                                  i.            IQAC Annual Report  - Mrs. Anjana

                                                 ii.            Criteria wise action plan  -  Ms. Swati Arora

                                               iii.            Initiatives taken by IQAC 2018-19    - Ms. Seema

                                               iv.            Institutional value & best practices  - Dr. Indu

                                                v.            Distinctiveness of the collage  - Dr. Ragini

                                               vi.            Refreshment – Dr. Geetanjali

                                             vii.            Welcome of the guests & seating arrangement – Dr. Sonia Jassal , Ms. Alka

                                            viii.            Decoration – Dr. Sonali/ Ms. Ritu Sandhu

                                               ix.            Media / Press / Photography – Dr. Bindu ,Mrs. Neelam

                                                x.            Technical Support  - Dr. Ajay Rattan

                                               xi.            Sound System  -  Mr. Kulprasad

                                             xii.            Registration  -  Ms. Meenakshi  (office clerk)  

                           Ms. Monika (office clerk)


Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal

Smt. A.A.A. Govt. P.G. College, Kalka

Internal Quality Assurance Cell


 Date :- 23-01-2020


A meeting of IQAC was held on 23-01-2020 at 11:00 AM in Principal office under the chairmanship of Mrs . Kusum Adya,




Regarding compilation & maintenance of data 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19


Minutes :-

1.       Allocation of duties to various IQAC members to compile & maintain data of committees / departments / faculty members as per the new guidelines of NAAC.

















Co-ordinator                                                                                                                              Principal




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